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EDDHA, short for ethylenediamine-N,N’-bis (2-hydroxyphenylacecitc acid), is a chelate that protects nutrients against precipitation in a wide pH-range: 4-9. The stability constant of EDDHA depends on the percentage of ortho-ortho. Van Iperen International offers four grades: Premium Fe-EDDHA 6%, Optimum Fe-EDDHA 6%, Standard Fe-EDDHA 6% and Basic Fe-EDDHA 6%. The percentage of the ortho-ortho isomere in these four grades is respectively: 4.8%, 4% 3.5% ,3.0%,1.8%

 In addition to single element Fe-EDDHA chelates, NCCM also offers physical mixes (blends) or compounds (chemical mixes). The compounds consist of different chelated trace elements. 

Iron-deficient plants display strong chlorosis at the leaf base, including green netting. The symptoms of iron deficiency commonly begin with interveinal chlorosis of the younger leaves, eventually resulting in leaves that are completely bleached. Bleached areas may show necrotic spots. Affected leaves that are not entirely white will recover as a result of iron application. Firstly, the veins of the leaves return to their normal bright green colour. This is probably the most recognisable sign of recovery. Iron deficiency is often detected in calcareous soils and anaerobic conditions. It is often induced by an abnormal presence of heavy metals.


Da Yuan Company offers a full range of Iron chelates:
 • Iron-EDTA:
 • Solids and liquid
 • Soluble and liquid
• Iron-EDDHA:
 • Solubles, with various percentages of ortho-ortho.

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